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Ekahau Site Survey: Best Wi-Fi Analyzer for your Network

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As wireless networks become increasingly important in our daily lives, it’s essential to have a reliable Wi-Fi analyzer to ensure that your network is performing optimally. There are many Wi-Fi analyzers available on the market, but one that stands out as the best is the Ekahau Site Survey. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at Ekahau Site Survey and why it’s the ideal choice for your network.

What is an Ekahau Site Survey?

Ekahau Site Survey is a comprehensive Wi-Fi analysis tool that allows network administrators to design, optimize, and troubleshoot wireless networks. It’s a powerful and versatile software that can be used to assess the Wi-Fi coverage, signal strength, and performance of a network in real-time. Ekahau Site Survey is compatible with most wireless access points and can be used to analyze both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks.

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What are the features offered by an Ekahau Site Survey?

Ekahau Site Surveys are a comprehensive Wi-Fi network tool that can be utilized at any stage of the network’s life cycle. Whether you’re in the planning, deployment, verification, or troubleshooting phase, ESS (Ekahau Site Survey) offers a range of features to assist you. Its key features include:

Automated Network Planning: Automatically determine the optimal number and location for your access points before physical deployment

Analysis and Optimization: Visualize network coverage, capacity, and performance, fine-tune them, and simulate changes in the network or environment.

Troubleshooting: Solve various Wi-Fi issues that may arise.

Reporting: Generate detailed reports of Wi-Fi coverage and performance.


How does the Ekahau Site Survey work?

Ekahau Site Surveys work by using a portable Wi-Fi adapter to measure the signal strength, quality, and noise of a wireless network. The software then analyzes this data to create a comprehensive view of the network’s coverage and performance.

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how the Ekahau Site Survey works:

Site Survey Planning: The first step is to plan the site survey, which involves defining the coverage areas, access point locations, and client device types. This information is used to create a customized survey plan.

Data Collection: The next step is to collect data on the wireless network using a portable Wi-Fi adapter. The adapter is moved around the coverage area, and the software records the signal strength, quality, and noise levels of the wireless network.

Heatmap Generation: Once the data has been collected, Ekahau Site Survey generates a heatmap of the network coverage. The heatmap shows the signal strength in different areas of the coverage area and identifies any dead spots or areas of interference.

Network Optimization: Based on the heatmap, network administrators can optimize the network by adjusting the access point placement, power levels, and channel assignments. This helps to ensure that the network is performing optimally and that users have the best possible experience.

Reporting: Finally, Ekahau Site Survey provides detailed reports on the network’s performance, including coverage, capacity, and interference analysis. These reports can be used to identify any ongoing issues with the network and make informed decisions about future network improvements.

Overall, Ekahau Site Survey is a powerful tool for designing, optimizing, and troubleshooting wireless networks. Its intuitive interface and comprehensive analysis capabilities make it the ideal choice for network administrators who need to ensure that their networks are performing optimally.

What are the benefits of the Ekahau Site Survey?

The benefits of using Ekahau Site Survey are numerous and include:

Improved network performance and reliability: Ekahau helps optimize wireless networks to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Reduced network downtime and maintenance costs: By identifying and troubleshooting issues before they become critical, Ekahau can reduce network downtime and maintenance costs.

Increased productivity and user satisfaction: A well-designed and optimized wireless network can increase productivity and user satisfaction by providing a reliable and fast connection.

Enhanced security and compliance: Ekahau can identify security vulnerabilities in a wireless network and ensure compliance with industry standards.

Better visibility into network performance and usage patterns: Ekahau provides IT professionals with valuable insight into network performance and usage patterns, allowing them to make data-driven decisions.

Time-saving: Ekahau can save IT professionals time by automating some tasks related to wireless network design and optimization.


Why is a Wi-Fi site survey necessary?

A Wi-Fi site survey is necessary for designing, planning, and optimizing the wireless network. It provides IT professionals with valuable information to ensure that a wireless network is designed and deployed to meet the specific needs and challenges of a location.

A Wi-Fi site survey involves physically inspecting and measuring a location to identify factors that can affect the performance of a wireless network, such as signal strength, interference, physical barriers, and other environmental factors. By conducting a site survey, IT professionals can identify and address potential issues before they become critical, ensuring that the wireless network is optimized for performance, reliability, and security.

Without a site survey, IT professionals may not be aware of the specific needs and challenges of a location, which can lead to a poorly designed and optimized wireless network. This can result in network performance issues, user dissatisfaction, and increased maintenance and troubleshooting costs.

In addition, conducting a site survey before deploying a wireless network can save time and money in the long run. By identifying potential issues and addressing them before deployment, IT professionals can reduce the need for ongoing troubleshooting and maintenance, ultimately leading to a more reliable and cost-effective wireless network.

If you want to optimize your wireless network for maximum coverage, throughput, and reliability, consider using Ekahau Site Survey. At Infinite Network, we offer Ekahau Site Survey services to help you plan, design, deploy, and maintain your wireless network. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn how Ekahau can transform how you manage your wireless network.


Why choose Infinite Networks to set up your Wi-Fi network?

Technicians at Infinite Network Inc are well-trained and skilled to use an Ekahau Site Survey to analyze the performance of your Wi-Fi network. They can examine and help you optimize the Wi-Fi network coverage. 

If you are newly installing your Wi-Fi network our technicians can conduct an Ekahau site survey to identify the best placement of access points, power levels, and channel assignments. Using this site survey as the blueprint, our technicians will design a Wi-Fi network that is highly reliable, secure, and always accessible.   

Are you looking for a network service provider near you? Talk to our experts for quality advice and recommendations. Call us at (408) 796-7735 or email us at info@infinitenetworksinc.com to schedule your appointment.

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