Network Cabling

Structured voice and data cabling

for high performance networks

Data Centers

Design, install and service critical
systems and Infrastructure

Wireless Systems

Services to install and optimize
wireless networks and devices


Video conferencing and AV
systems you can depend on

Technology Integration Center

Systems integration services save
time and reduce risk of failures

Staff Augmentation

Let us assist to elevate your teams
productivity during peak workloads

Let us show you what

we do best

Keeping all of your technology connected reliably and efficiently is what we do best. The depth of experience our credentialed team brings ensures that we are able to complete your projects in a timely manner, implemented to the highest industry standards and maximum safety. Implementing technology solutions with a proven design and build process, we help facility managers plan the most effective solutions for their operations. This yields the best ROI for our clients.

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solutions and services

Certified Team

Our highly knowledgeable and experienced team members are certified in numerous areas, from network cabling to data center infrastructure, as well as the specific products we install. Our team consists of certified designers, engineers, and qualified installers who will take your system’s unique requirements and deliver a highly effective, functional well-built system.

Find out if your cabling will deliver reliably and predictably.

Find out if your cabling will deliver reliably and predictably.

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Infinite Networks stays up to date with the latest industry standards and installation practices through our membership affiliations, training and research. Our experienced team has developed methodologies and processes that promote efficiency and prevent common issues.

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