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3 key aspects of data center infrastructure designing

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We at Infinite networks, we’re a data center infrastructure designing company. We work on Data Center Infrastructure projects from inception through the completion of the installation. Starting back at the design phase, typically we go through a needs assessment phase where we’re trying to determine what the customer’s specific needs and requirements are. 

So whether this is a customer that is building out a new Colo facility or a new large computer room or maybe retrofitting an existing Colo facility or computer room, we will consider those as kind of initial factors in trying to understand what their goal is and what they’re trying to accomplish. 


Understanding key aspects of data center infrastructure designing


Data centers are a critical part of any business. A short amount of downtime can cause a huge loss in terms of business and reputation. A data center’s efficiency is determined by its high availability. In order to design such an efficient data center infrastructure one must consider below key aspects:

#1: Power required for data center infrastructure

We have a lot of experience on our team in helping determine the power needs for data center racks. Customers may come to us with a specific rack elevation without really understanding what power that’s going to consume. We can help develop the load calculations, work with the Colo facility, and ensure the continuous supply of power in high capacity for each rack.

#2: Structured cabling in data center infrastructure designing

Another aspect would be the structured cabling required for the connectivity between the racks. You may have a core switch infrastructure that branches out to top rack switches. You may have a storage type of configuration where you have just a lot of direct connections, maybe 12 or 24-strand MTP connections that run from nodes to a storage switch. So structured cabling would be the next aspect.

#3: Cooling systems for data center infrastructure

There are times when customers don’t really pay attention to the cooling aspect of the project. In such cases, we help them assess what would be the best solution for them. Sometimes, a data center may require blanking panels in the front of the cabinets but there are also a lot of different types of heating and cooling systems. In the data center, you have hot aisle containment and cold aisle containment. You have flooded systems that are just blowing a lot of cool air into the cold Isle, which is the front of the server. So they are taking the cold air and exhausting out the back.

In some cases, there is a high-powered rack with a lot of high-powered compute nodes or processing nodes down below that is creating a lot of heat.  It sometimes traps heat at the top of the cabinet. So we help specify air baffles for switches

We will help spec out some air baffles so that the switches can actually be fed cold air from the cold Isle. That’s another important aspect of the data center infrastructure design process.


About Us


At Infinite Networks, we are very well experienced in managing different scenarios related to data center infrastructure. Being a global service provider, we have a lot of experience with the power configuration systems or the data center configurations of different countries. A lot of different Western, and Eastern European countries as well as Southeast Asia have different power configurations for Data Centers Infrastructure Design. This is where our experience comes in handy. We can provide consultation to our customers to ensure they are distributing the right PDUs that are going to work when the equipment arrives on-site. We ensure that there are not going to be any gotchas or any delays in turning up their equipment.

Are you looking for a data center infrastructure designing contractor in Campbell? Infinite Networks Inc. can help in planning, designing, and actual implementation of the data center infrastructure as well as maintaining it. 


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You can discuss your Data Center requirements with our experts by scheduling a review call or request for a quote from our team.

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